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Tiny (pronounced Teenie) is a Dutch artist printmaker who has been living and working the UK for more than 20 years. Tiny is passionate about the science  of colour and exploring all different types of printing methods. 

Inspired by subjects from nature and wild life, even in the depiction of her signature barns and huts there is a sense of an organic feeling. Tiny's latest works are figurative and depict the most joyous situations from daily life.

Always exploring different colour combinations, paper and techniques, the results even with the same design, can be very different.  All Tony's pieces prints are hand printed so there can always be a slight difference in tone and colour.


Chipping Norton


42cm x 55cm


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Bugs and Leaves

Etching and aquatint

31cm x 25cm

from an edition of 35


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Normandy House

Collagraph & watercolour

51cm  x 46cm


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Guinea Fowls

Etching and aquatint

33cm x 33cm

from an edition of 20


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Butterfly ll

Etching and aquatint

21cm x 22cm

from an edition of 30


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